Delivery in short time and in most affordable cost is one of the key factors for both sides of supplies, in KEMBrella, we have a dedicated unit to monitor the freights parties, forwarding companies, shipping warehouses and best incoterm can suite the contracts and shipments.



Payment channel to be secured, facilitated and fast is very important in KEMBrella, we are following worldwide credit insurance rules and policies to give the best term each case & deal.



We are providing 3rd party audit, pre-assessment audit, GMP consultation, CTD, E-CTD Ready Dossiers, BE/BA Studies by certified CRO's, Formulation, MOA and MOV serving the generic pharmaceutical industry. 



Each country and customers espouse some of the in-house special demands, some are restricted, and some are easy, KEMBrella’s team experience giving this to the business sense to get the deal perfectly done.


Most of the manufacturers are looking to expand their portfolio to new region and countries where they can grow the business and get more revenues, KEMBrella stepped ahead to study your targeted product, discovering the sales, looking for marketing channel and choosing the best local partners as well customers.

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